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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines as Google, Yahoo or Bing. 90% searchers never reach past the first or second page of the results. If you website reach the first page, that means you will get more coustomer and sell more products or services.

If Your Website Need SEO?

All the websites need SEO, you can't let you website reach the first page on each search keys. So, web need SEO to make website more perfect. SEO is not just do something to search engines, the prime aim is make website more friendly to visitors. It is a big project.

The right way to do SEO

Right SEO can help your website, and bad SEO can kill your site. Don't believe someone guarantee they can let you reach the first result on Google, only if it is Google search engine robot. So we give some factors to do SEO. it including:

  • Write high quality original content, don't copy aritcle from other website.
  • Build related external links for you website. don't link to the websites punished by Google.
  • Make your website document structure and easy for user browse and search engines to crawl.
  • Put reasonable keywords in each web pages,don't accumulate keywords and use unrelated keywords.
  • Make you website meet the w3c standards and support excellent user experience

Process of SEO and Prices.

Our SEO service begins with researching website keywords, The keywords is the key for whole SEO process, because our goal is get a high search result rank in each keywords search.

After determine the keywords, we will examine the entire site and put the keywords into some pages appropriate. then we will lead some outer links into your website and check rankings regular and adjusted the website.

SEO is a long time work, after you site get high rankings, the work turn to hold the rankings and try to get higher rankings. We need you update your website content regular to make it live. social tools are also important for a website, try to use it to expand your user groups.

How to charge

As there are a lot of factors that contribute to page rankings, so web make no guarantees of page rank. we charge our SEO service by the effect, for example, we make a contract with a client to improve page rankings for the keyword "Canton Fair" on Google, up to top 5 and holding it for three months. after work begin the client need pay us the start-up capital, when we reach the target they will pay the full capital.

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