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Chinese Website Translation & Design

Why you a Chinese website ?

Do you want to let your company into the world's fastest growing market? Make your website be understood by 1.3 billion potential customers? It is a good idea to have a Chinese-language website now.

Nasack clerk are good and Chinese and English, Japanese even other small languages, we could help you to translate your existing website to Chinese, and make it adapt to China oriental culture.

FAQs about Chinese translation

Can you translater the whole website,even images and flash

Yes,we can translate everything in your website to Chinese, also include the images and flashs,if you need the source file about images and flash as .pdf , .png or .fla

Can you translate the PHP or ASP script or database

Of couse, we can translate the text infomation in php script and js script, also we will translate the text in databse, the premise condition if we can get the full access of the PHP script and databae.

Should I put my Chinese website in China

No need, China network is open, people in China can visit any normal website in the world, no matter where the website's server located.

Should I register a Chinese domain name

It is no matter which domain name you use for your Chinese website,.com if the most pouplar in world and China, Of course you can choose to use China domain name .CN for your Chinese website, you just need resigter one.

Hong Kong and Taiwan Chinese

In China mainland people use the simplified Chinese, and In Hong Kong, Taiwan people use the traditional Chinese, if you need to make a distinction between mainland market and Hong Kong, Taiwan, we also can help you to translate your website to both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese and make it adapt the civilization of Hong Kong and Taiwan

I need a new website in Chinese language

If you need to design a full new Chinese website, you can choose our web design service, and you can add SEO to your website to make it well to be find in Googel search.