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Mobile Web Design

As more and more people user mobile phone to visit website,the moblie web become important.We can design specially web of you site for moblies. We alos suplly mobile app for Iphone , Android.

Mobile Web UI

As the process limit and the size limit, mobile web will be simple and small than normal desk web. So we need re-design web for mobile equipments, include web layout, text, image, and other web elements.

The web's width on mobile is auto-extend 100% of the screen, and all the operate button and link should be big to help user easy to click. Some time, JavaScript, Flash and other technology will not work on mobiles, we need to change it or use other technology to replace it.

Adaptive Responsive Web

As the pouplar of smart phones and tablet computers, we need to re-design our web. Mobile web browsing is changeing our way of live and work, web browsing web everyway use iPhone or iPad. When we design a web or a whole website we need it adaptive and responsive to the browser and device.