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To be simple, To be great!

Most of our client said to me: "I need a great website, I need vistors say wow! when they open my homepage". Hm ,everybody want to be great, but what is a great web design?

The answer is Simple. A lot of things can touch our soul, actually all is very simple things, likes a cloud in the sky, a flower in garden. Design is from live, web is no exception.

Simple is not easy

When you use iPhone or Macbook, you will praise it's excellent design and UI, It looks very simple,just two face put a logo and a square button. But many IT manufacturers want to imitate Aplle, no one could be say success.

Simple design is advanced stage of design, it is a process. First you do a work you just konw a little of it, you just do what you konw and make a simple result, as your deep understanding of things, you work will be more and more complex, you hope to show all of the things you like. but it need to improve, if you are not a talent it will not end.

At the end, you will understand what is real need, you begin to make you work to be simple, remove the things not practical, make the really need thing to be better and better.

Simple is a life attitude

Art's quality depends on the artist' accomplishment. Web design is a art action, a good web designer will require well accomplishment,very good aesthetic ability and eyes to find beauty.

If you just copy ohter's design and did not constantly learning, you workes will be everydayness all the time. You can not be called a designer.