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Web Design Shenzhen

Though we base is Guangzhou, but we provide our excellent service all over the world. With the help of Internet, we can make communication with our clients in any place and any time. We have many client in Shenzhen, some of them never come to our office and we just contact online. We have builded a kind of trust and cooperated with each other very well.

Our Work's Process

Our process of web design is very simple. After we identified the requirements by email, we will send a scheme to Shenzhen client. If they agree with it, they will make a advance payment(in general it is 50% of the amount), and them we can start the work.

We will bulid a demo site to let our clients monitor the project online. They can give their feedback to help us improve the function and design. After our clients confirm the final design, we will upload it to hosting and release the website. And our clinets should pay the balance.

Other Guide

1. We can will go to Shenzhen to meet up with our clients, but the precondition is that we have make sure of the cooperation.

2. Except web design, we also offer web development, graphic design, online marketing, printing and other services.

3. Our service region is also including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan etc.